1. Oversee the interests of veteran cricketers throughout the West Indies and further afield under the CWIMA umbrella.
  2. Have recognized and established cricket structures across the Caribbean for masters’ cricket.
  3. Attract and develop a quality pool of retired cricketers throughout the West Indies who are interested in becoming active once again and motivated enough to represent their country and/or a West Indies team.
  4. Encourage and Administer annual domestic and regional tournaments throughout the West Indies in a structured and organized manner.
  5. Utilize these regional tournaments to select the very best veteran players to represent the West Indies on the international stage.
  6. Actively encourage our players to use these tournaments to lead healthier lifestyles as they would be competing to play for the West Indies at Over 50s World Cup and/or Over 60s World Cup levels, leading to an overall healthier population within our communities.
  7. Serve as role models for the younger generations in their communities and beyond. This will provide further recognition for the sport of cricket.
  8. Utilize their status as head of households to assist in bringing out more spectators/families to these events which will ultimately build and grow the fan base of West Indies cricket.
  9. Instill the values learned during their era in the 80s and 90s when they plied their trade in a very proud, disciplined and committed environment onto the younger generations.
  10. Attract more of our youths to return to playing cricket when they witness their seasoned and disciplined players in action during these tournaments.
  11. Assist in strengthening our clubs around the region by serving in various capacities in their communities such as administrators, coaches, mentors, umpires, scorers, match referees, selectors, etc.
  12. Assist in modestly improving the overall economy of the Caribbean due to increased spending in the region.
  13. Using the shorter format of the game, T25 overs, as fund raising events and to bring out more veterans to the game.
  14. Attract the requisite sponsorship to guarantee our programs and tournaments are successful.